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Hi! My name's Hayley. I'm also known as chalkmetal. I go by Hayley over at Garden of Shadows.

This journal has been so many things, and in fact, this is my third dreamwidth. This serves as a dumping ground for my sims stuff, much like my livejournal. Only there's less rambling, more sims stuff and fewer updates. So. What you'll find here is basically what you'll find over here.

Feel free to subscribe, track or just plain lurk ^_^
Comments are always appreciated and replied to :)

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♫Tonight, when I look into the sky
I know this is why I am alive.
Tonight, when I look into the sky
I know this is why I am alive.
So sing with me if you feel this feeling.♫

We Came as Romans - Understanding What We've Grown To Be

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