goldenrose: {BeautyofaSiren @ LJ} Illuminated City ({BeautyofaSiren @ LJ} Illuminated City)

Finally! We have the 2nd generation up and ready :)
For starters, we will have the obligatory house tour, as in the rules:

TAKE A RIDE ON THE READING RAILROAD - You must move your family into a new home.

Now, there are quite a few images, but I just had to show off the whole house. Let's begin!

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goldenrose: {BeautyofaSiren @ LJ} Broken Bridge ({BeautyofaSiren @ LJ} Broken Bridge)

I'm a bit of a doof and can't decide for myself who out of the five Lowenthal children, should be heir/heiress. So! Why not put it to a public vote?
Vote for your fave! Vote for the best looking one! Vote for the one with the most freckles! Vote for the only Aquarius! Doesn't matter, as long as I get an heir ;) Check out the poll here or click the above image!
goldenrose: {BeautyofaSiren @ LJ} Inside Shame ({BeautyofaSiren @ LJ} Inside Shame)

Hey hey! And I'm back with the last installment for generation 1 of the Lowenthal Game :)
After this, I reckon I'm gonna put up an heir poll. It's too hard for me to decide >.>
and I won a competition last week and just received my prize ack I'm so excited

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Another update yay :D
Last time! Pia and Alejandro got back from their honeymoon never learned the tale dammit and had a baby, Aelau. And finally, Pia is preggers again!
I should probably start doing this now, so..

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goldenrose: {BeautyofaSiren @ LJ} Illuminated City ({BeautyofaSiren @ LJ} Illuminated City)

The next installment is here! I figure 70-80 images per update is alright, yes? ;)
Anyway. Last time, Pia met Alejandro. They fell in love, got married, and are currently on their honeymoon!

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goldenrose: {BeautyofaSiren @ LJ} Dude Skateboard Trick ({BeautyofaSiren @ LJ} Dude Skateboard Tr)

I'm a dolt, and in my transferring of files, I lost the Betters Legacy :( While I still have Pansy, I wanted to start something new with a different sim.
Introducing: my new Board Game Legacy! As with last time, be warned: I won't be following the rules too strictly...I like...flexibility, so to speak ;)

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