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I sent off my CiJ gift, and my santee has shared it! Click here to check it out or download here (Box + Dropbox + Mediafire) if you choose :)
The CiJ was as fun as it always is, and I can't wait to see what everyone else has to share!
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My santee, Sofy, shared the gift I made for her! Click any of the four images above to check it out or just download here (Box + Dropbox + Mediafire) if you prefer :)

EDIT: The top two pictures aren't exactly tiling like they did on my livejournal. Oh well. *sheepish*
goldenrose: {BeautyofaSiren @ LJ} Metallica ♥ ({BeautyofaSiren @ LJ} Metallica ♥)

I received my CiJ gift from amovitamsim! Click the image to check it out! :D

Now for the finishing touches for my gift. I honestly don't know how I'm actually going to upload it - we had an awful lot of rain a couple of days ago and it has really messed with not just our internet, but our phone connection as well (they share the same line). I hope the aftermath eases off a little, because I need to send off my gift! :\

And no. I did not forget about my dreamwidth again! <.<|>.>

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