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Finally! We have the 2nd generation up and ready :)
For starters, we will have the obligatory house tour, as in the rules:

TAKE A RIDE ON THE READING RAILROAD - You must move your family into a new home.

Now, there are quite a few images, but I just had to show off the whole house. Let's begin!

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Isn't it pretty :D Took me...maybe a week to build. Decorating took the longest. But first, I have a couple notes for the tour:

You may see dark lines on the ceiling of some images. This is because, silly me forgot I didn't need the roof up for the ground floor and well, that's what happens.
The nursery room is rather bare. And very pink! Pink because that is the gen 3 colour, and bare because..after about 6 days of decorating, I kinda ran out of steam x)
The heiress' bedroom has a floating wardrobe...which I did not notice until much later. It's floating in the image, but I swear, I fixed it!
The Lowenthals have a massage therapy room! Figured it was time to put that massage they learned to good use.
There's an extra bathroom and two bedrooms that aren't pictured, this is because I thought it would be easier to decorate them when the children come.
In Alejandro's and Pia's room (you'll know it when you see the purple), see if you can find the cute little touch I added :D

End house tour!

And here we have the winner of the heir poll, Orilia! Her stats:

Capricorn 9/3/2/10/10
On: Fitness & Charismatic
Off: Swimwear

Now for this generation, this is what I must follow:</div>

Oriental Avenue, Vermont Avenue & Connecticut Avenue
Generation 2: Light Blue

To be a good Scrabble player, you need to know a lot of words. That means reading a lot of books, so your sim must maximize their cooking, mechanical, and cleaning skills all via the bookcase. They must also learn parenting, fire prevention, anger management, lifelong happiness, physiology, and couples counseling from the bookcase as well, so you better find yourself a comfy chair, because you're in for a lot of sitting down.
In Scrabble, everyone wants to be the one to place their word on the coveted triple word score squares. Well, what you should really be concentrating on now is getting a triple MONEY score. As soon as the first member of generation 2 ages into adult, make sure to check and see how much cash your sims' household has on hand, because you're going to need to have triple that by the time the next generation takes over.

However, Orilia already maxed those skills and read all those books through child and teenhood. So all that's left, is to triple their money! I forgot to check how much they had...not until waaaay after their house was built and I'd played a few days. So, as it stands, I need to triple $69,872!

First day moved in, and Pia is off to work.

I thought it would be fair to move in Orilia's siblings to their own homes, and Aelau came by.

I wanted babies happening, so Orilia went on a trip to the local cinema!

Where she just played video games...
(not that I have grounds to complain heh)

The cinema is popular with the locals...for watching rather explicit films :s
And for some to think about how they wasted their opportunity to go to college.

oooh hello there


Man hunting was too hard, so I thought that since they had money, might as well use it, right?

Ugh. Maxis college student.

Yeah, you do the monkey head scratch pal

Grumpy arse >.>

EXQUEESE ME? You dare reject Orilia???

Well...let's just say that the college student was aspiration fodder. There are plenty of fish in the sea!

Aelau spent the entire time on this goddamned ballet bar.

Pia is still adorable :3

YES :D But...who are you?

Bleh. Take your rose and keep it!

ANOTHER MANFOLK. Helllooo Edward Downie!

I think we're gonna keep him >:)

Alejandro juggles to avoid the awkwardness of watching his daughter make out.

Now for the constant inviting over until they love each other :D

I was playing Riagi's household, and found Alejandro went fishing in Riagi's pond. Turns out Alejandro's had these badges since the beginning and I never noticed :p No wonder he never caught any boots!


Not awkward at all.

Erm..Connor, why the hell are you only wearing pants???

Edward: *is threatened* Orilia better not see this...

(funnily enough, she actually has 3 bolts with Connor.. :E)

He moves in, and YAY MONEY.

Quickie engagement and quickie wedding. 'Coz that's how we roll!

Mmmm..yummy, don't you think?

Edward Lowenthal
Capricorn 7/4/1/8/5
Ons: Glasses & Custom Hair
Off: Swimwear

And the newly wed couple waste no time in getting down to business.

Yep, we're still teaching everyone the bloody bow.

Maybe baby? ;)

Engori! :D

He disappeared for hours and I found him playing darts at the dartboard I forgot they had



Oh the loss of dignity...

Pia reached the top of her career in the last update, and I forgot about her career reward, here it is so they can study like hell!

Yay no more llama costume :D

Edward really wanted a massage, so I thought it would be good, unconventional father and son-in-law bonding time.

2nd pop and..that's all folks! Baby will come in the next update ;)

Hope you enjoyed ×
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