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Hey hey! And I'm back with the last installment for generation 1 of the Lowenthal Game :)
After this, I reckon I'm gonna put up an heir poll. It's too hard for me to decide >.>
and I won a competition last week and just received my prize ack I'm so excited

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So last time, Aelau became a teen and the quads became children!

Pia and Alejandro are still happy together :3

They are precious ♥

I take it back

Apparently, Riagi is one for revenge! i knew i liked rugs for a reason

That bow is a bloody virus

Having five kids means food runs out easily >.>

Hence the can of juice instead of a meal...


First family meal and I forgot a chair for Alejandro -_-

So! As per the gen 2 rules, the heir must max cooking, cleaning and mechanical all via the bookcase, AND study all those extra bits and bobs that came with Freetime. Since I don't yet know who is heir, I made everyone study x)

OOH thanks. Guess you're not that much of a bitch after all...

Oh jeez...yeah Riagi and Vanaet don't really like each other...

Yes! And noooo

Yeah that's right, show Mrs. Ottomas and her half belly what kinda love she's missing out on! coz she's in the bin

HAH she looks like a monkey

And the embarrassment continues....poor Pia :p

Alejandro is such a sweetie :3 he tucked all his children in

Penguin blocked traffic to school today

Can't really hold it against him, can you? ♥

Least this way, I'm ready for whoever the heir/heiress is ;p

So! Pia's secondary aspiration is Grilled cheese. It takes over all the family wants D:

And that night, we got a burglar -_-

well hello there

Hmm probably not good to stand there, Engori


"Helping"? Well, Engori stood and watched the fight, Aelau, Pia and Vanaet stayed outside, Riagi and Orilia stayed in their rooms, and Alejandro? Well, Alejandro was asleep through the whole bloody thing!! If that's helping, well okay then buddy
At least we got money ;)

Even though he stole nothing, Vanaet is still upset that they got "robbed"

Right. And that works how?

Birthdays!! And yes, back of Engori's head coz the cake is in a stupid place x)

stupid alien eye glitch

Really Engori? Seems first order of being a teen is farting

Engori Lowenthal
Sagittarius 3/4/10/10/7
On: Swimwear & Custom hair
Off: Red hair

Orilia Lowenthal
Capricorn 9/3/2/10/10
On: Fitness & Charismatic
Off: Swimwear

Riagi Lowenthal
Aquarius 5/3/5/6/10
On: Hard worker & Athletic
Off: Custom hair

Vanaet Lowenthal
Sagittarius 2/0/8/9/10
On: Jewelry & Mechanical
Off: Glasses

Vanaet's first order of business is to tell dirty jokes to the unimpressed


Vanaet and Orilia collectively disapprove of their parents flaunting their love...eww gross!

I didn't even know that was dirty....and yes Riagi is being impaled by the plant oops

HEY who said you could come over??

And now, we say goodbye to adult Pia :(

And for recap:

Pia Lowenthal
Family & Grilled Cheese
Pisces, 5/0/5/5/10
On: Make Up & Good Cook
Off: Blonde Hair

and yes, I did wait until the next day for a makeover pic ;p

Alejandro is turned off by grey hair :( So I used his Re-Nu-Yu porta chug to change it and bring back that chemistry! >:)

We did? Who did? Oh, but I forgot I had the visitor controller, so the gypsy never gave us the lamp :( And yet somehow Orilia knew about it, and still rolled a want to make a wish.

Last study session together! All five teens (Aelau not pictured) managed to study EVERYTHING MWAHAH. So now I'm prepared :) Don't ask how I managed it. It involved lots of complaining and very tired sims :p

You call that dancing?

Like their big sister, the quads wanted stupid electronics i never wanted any when i was a teen! just kidding of course i did and this poor guy was victim to a thief :(

Oh. Well okay then. Bitch lady and Alejandro's friend Justin(?) decide they like each other, while Alejandro stands there...unamused.


And now it's Alejandro's birthday!

And then I was stupid and forgot a makeover picture -_-
To recap (and update):

Alejandro Lowenthal
Sagittarius, 2/3/9/7/4
On: Make Up & Grey hair
Off: Red hair

And.. that's it. Before I head off, the Lowenthal children:

Aelau Lowenthal

Engori Lowenthal

Orilia Lowenthal

Riagi Lowenthal

Vanaet Lowenthal

The Lowenthals shall be back soon, after the heir poll! I hoped you enjoyed ××

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