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Another update yay :D
Last time! Pia and Alejandro got back from their honeymoon never learned the tale dammit and had a baby, Aelau. And finally, Pia is preggers again!
I should probably start doing this now, so..

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And so we begin with little Aelau :)

Aelau had her first day of school, and bloody hell. There's no getting used to that smile every morning

Oh joy. You're preggers, you want a baby, but then you don't. You have...issues

That's too bad coz BABY TIME :D


Engori Lowenthal

Orilia Lowenthal

Riagi Lowenthal

Vanaet Lowenthal

So. Pia wanted a baby and didn't want one, and ended up with FOUR >.>

And Aelau's room got a little crowded...had to deduct §4000 as per the rules so unfortunately for Aelau, room sharing is a must until we can expand.

Keeping four babies occupied is gonna be HARD

First day of school and Aelau isn't happy. But at least you got four new siblings to come home to :D

Oh you big wuss. Can't have fears like that when you have FOUR babies around


Aelau: Mum...? Are you okay?
Pia: *ignores*

Nah, she's fine! See, tending to her baby instead of showering or sleeping like she needs to

I got Alejandro to fix it instead >.>

YES :D Babies born before 6pm are AWESOME because they grow up sooner :D

Dang flabbit

Bloody Samantha Ottomas

Then I forgot about the quads' birthday so Alejandro spent ages running around trying to grow them up.

They're all so cute already :')

Really, Orilia? Just ask a stranger for a bottle, sure

Engori Lowenthal
Sagittarius 3/4/10/10/7

Orilia Lowenthal
Capricorn 9/3/2/10/10

Riagi Lowenthal
Aquarius 5/3/5/6/10

Vanaet Lowenthal
Sagittarius 2/0/8/9/10

Phew. Two boys, two girls and over 4 hours just to give them makeovers.

Aww. The hat just makes him cuter ♥

Poor Aelau. Hard work teaching nursery rhymes, isn't it?

Aww that's mean


Aelau became perma-plat. Already. As a child. How the hell did I do that

Oh wow Riagi, that's a little smart coming from a tot ;p


They definitely are gorgeous children :3

And now and again Pia and Alejandro get time to themselves. Why it has to be outside is a mystery

So that's how Aelau learned the bow....


I forgot to take a blowing candles picture so here's this instead

Yep, it was Aelau's birthday too ;)

damn alien eye unfixed glitch thing

Aelau Lowenthal
Sagittarius 5/2/9/5/4
On: Full-face Makeup & Custom Hair
Off: Good Cook

Like the neck there, Aelau.

Engori Lowenthal

Orilia Lowenthal

Riagi Lowenthal

Vanaet Lowenthal

I love the diversity between these kids :3

Perks of being a teenager! Gagging at the sight of their romance.

To get her away from the ~gross romance~, I took Aelau to the local electronics store.

Naturally, she wanted EVERY electronic device.

Lucky for her, Mummy got a promotion so she could afford it!

And that's the end of that :) Hope you enjoyed ♥
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