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The next installment is here! I figure 70-80 images per update is alright, yes? ;)
Anyway. Last time, Pia met Alejandro. They fell in love, got married, and are currently on their honeymoon!

So. Pia apparently isn't good enough for some good luck then

sorry about the darkness, this lot has shit all lighting


Fortune my ass. It was only §1500 >.>

Back at the hotel, they got down to business and 'twas here that she got pregnant. Last time she didn't but I took a pic to indicate they tried HEAPS and it never worked but I forgot that, didn't I?

Learning a new massage that we'll never use! :D
Alejandro seems to be the one most interested in learning things here though

But I make Pia learn too just because ;p

Then! I remembered there're the secret lots, so what better way to spend a vacation than digging for the map! :D

Grr. Wrong map


Note the time of day has changed hehe Good thing this spa place had food AND bathrooms complete with showers ;)

Next day, Hidden Pagoda time!

Hmm what? Just get up

Well, we'd be humble if you STOPPED FISHING

Eventually I got him down for tea.

Aww but we haven't learned the tale yet :(
And with that, they left. The stupid wise old man NEVER started his tai chi, so I didn't get to learn that OR the tale.

To make up for it, tour time

Aww hell. That backfired.

Bye bye :(

Back home, and BENEFITS

And loss of job :( As per the rules, I had to get Alejandro to quit his job.

After a clean out and selling of the stuff he dug up, I noticed he had 3 treasure chests :D


So the road to the first bump wasn't exactly pretty...

Benefits came in handy :D

Baby time! Also means deducting §1000 :(

Aelau Lowenthal

I should probably mention that the naming theme for this generation is "evil sounding names", so there'll probably be a few odd ones ;)

She's a lovely little addition :)

Pfft well

Aww you destroyed the penguin's friend :(

I figured Alejandro needed some bro friends, since he's at home all day and for some reason the same chick keeps barging in

Argh. What a perfectly good way to ruin a promotion. Even Pia's not happy!

Birthday time! go away Samantha

Aelau Lowenthal
Sagittarius 5/2/9/5/4

Aww bloody hell. Now the bow's just gonna spread like wildfire

Such a cutie :D

See? Pia's happy that she got a promotion AND Samantha's not here! :D


Alejandro's a good stay at home dad :3 He taught her everything :)

One of Alejandro's "friends". Bitch tried squeezing him but I missed it. Lucky he rejected her



Yes, birthday time already ;)
And a back image coz the blender and bowl and wall are in the way of a face shot x)

HA. Take that bitch

Aelau needed some generation-colour-friendly clothes, so I took her and her dad to the local clothing store I built.

Exsqueeze me (Jar Jar Binks reference heh). But you're standing a leeetle too close

I think it was a successful shopping trip, but due to fear of my game crashing again, I didn't exactly choose the most -purpley- outfit for Alejandro.

Pia needs charisma for her job, but the poor thing isn't too happy about it. You think it's the thinking cap that's done it? ;) Or the fact that I won't let her relax while pregnant? ;p

Study buddies! Rules say gen 2 heir must max cooking, mechnical and cleaning via books. Since I dunno if Aelau will be heir or not, might as well start early.

Poor Aelau can only hang out with her mum when she's pregnant. It's good bonding though.

And with that, comes the end! Hope you enjoyed :)
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