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Years ago, I was talking to kizzy_sims and she brought up the wonderful idea of making sets of walls. Immediately, I was inspired, and three hours of work later, and a good night's sleep, I came up with: Night of the Hunter - 192 Paisley Walls!
Title Reference.

The walls are all available in the same 16 colours, and 4 different colours of moulding (as seen above). Plain moulding, moulding + chair rail, and moulding + wainscoting.


All these walls are categorised as Wallpaper and cost $5.

The description:
A lot is said about the type of wall you use. A lot is also said about how long that wall lasts. For the time being, let's say this wall will last for as long as the hunter does.
by xpinkyhayzx @ Moonless Dreams

Because who cares about years old tooltips?

I have provided you guys with a choice. You can download all three sets of walls, which includes the walls with moulding, the walls with moulding + chair rail AND the walls with wainscoting.

OR, you can download each set separately. Take your pick! A collection file is also available separately.

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