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Previous Updates:

Last time, Pansy met a whole bunch of one bolters, but managed to find a two bolter - Ti-Ning! They married and are going on their honeymoon :3

But, before the shuttle arrived, they had to take care of something first.
So great. I have to deal with a pregnant sim on vacation!

I tried to choose the cheapest hotel. I didn't really want pregnant Pansy to sleep in a tent x)
Oh yes and it would help if I told you where they went - Three Lakes!

Female tour guide!! Previously, all my tour guides were male for some reason.

Besides, there aren't any tents here man

And it begins...

Oh bloody hell >.> sure about that?

Then I noticed that THERE'S NO PHONE IN THEIR ROOM. So Ti-Ning had to order room service with a (cheatily gotten) cell phone >.>
And there was no restaurant here either :(

Mmkay I guess that's one way to enjoy the snow?

Your room has no phone, you were chased by bees and you constantly throw up because you're preggers. You sure you want to come back???


I forgot to generate locals, but this one spawned and he is the cutest :333

Fierce couple.

Who fishes in a frozen pond?

Awww noo not the cute local! :(

Poor kid :\ He's only a teenager too!

Takin' his rage out on something I see.

Why you little....! Little twerp got it right in the middle when Ti and Pansy kept missing >.>

Aww the poor guy :P
I swear I'll make him join this legacy some day

Decided to show my appreciation for his cuteness by calling the cops. Only...isn't she the one who failed during the burglary..?

EXCUSE ME. Just because you're unhappy with your job doesn't mean you can shove that filthy platter in Pansy's face <.<

Whoo hooray for a correct choice this time

The only bad thing about choosing the cheapest honeymoon option is that it doesn't last very long :\

Hooray benefits!

What better way to spend time together than studying!

As per the rules, I had to make Ti-Ning quit his job :(

FINALLY. No more throwing up

Pansy had a...tough pregnancy

Ti doesn't like cleaning up...too bad since he's the only one home most of the time ;)

Oooh hellloooo. You've got a ticket into this legacy too sir ;)

Baby time!


Aretha Betters

Hey tv, hold my baby, man

Laynie Betters

And again, as per the rules, I had to deduct two thousand simoleons from their funds :(

Ti is a stay at home dad :3

I guess Pansy's system works for you too

Already, yes ;P
Admittedly, I don't take many pictures of the baby stage because not only do all babies look the same, but they don't really do much.

Two promotions in the one day! Wooo~~~

Birthday time!

Ack nooo...!!

Aretha Betters
Sagittarius, 3/4/10/10/7

Laynie Betters
Sagittarius, 2/5/9/6/4

And there we have it! Abrupt ending again, because why not? More to come soon.
Hope you enjoyed it :3
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