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Hi hi :) I come bearing a new legacy! This legacy, is a normal legacy mixed in with the Board Game Challenge.
Be warned: I won't be following the rules too strictly...I like...flexibility, so to speak ;P
Let's begin!

My founder, Pansy Betters!
Aspiration: Family
Personality: Aquarius, 5/5/1/6/8
Turn Ons: Make Up & Hard Worker
Turn Off: Underwear

Yeesh that's not a good look Mr. Humble.

What's a legacy without the obligatory house tour? House is very bear, mind you, since Pansy only had so much money left...
Also! Purple is the first generation, so you've been warned - there's a lot of purple! Having said that, I didn't want to go all rainbow-legacy over it, so while I used lots of purple, I did try to minimise my usage...

And that's that. There's one more room that I built but didn't take pictures of - it's supposed to be a baby room but I didn't bother putting anything it. No point in taking pictures of an empty room, yes?

THE FIRST TOWNIE! Pansy was getting low on social, so she needed company. Stupid cow (albeit a pretty one) stood there brushing herself off for a sim hour before Pansy could greet her >.>

Her name is Whitney :)

At this point, I decided I needed more hair defaults.

Thanks, but according to the rules, Pansy can't be in this career :(
Rules say she may only be a doctor, physicist, journalist, lawyer or teacher. Bummer.

If it works, it works...I guess

Either this is an intense stare of love, or a competition to show whose hair animates the worst.
I think the guy wins.

And after all that, Pansy and him (can't remember his name :S) only had one bolt. As a general rule, I don't let my sims marry one bolters because they end up getting bored due to lack of attraction...

You know your guests stink when they start with the obsessive hand washing.

Another one bolter >.> There will be a lot of these. I took pictures of them all because I am super happy with my non default face templates :3

Not sure how you can see the 'weather' from there, but okay
And thanks door for closing.

That'll surely impress the menfolk she only has one female friend who ditched her yesterday the rest are all guys

A TWO BOLTER. Meet Ti-Ning Pederson! I need a name mod
His outfit was strange for someone going jogging, but whatever

Shame he can't just walk around the bloody toilet to the door.
And I see they're wearing the same shirt - ack I forgot custom clothes >.>

I don't think that's particularly safe...

Cutie :3 His name is Adam Young, to which I now just realised is also the same name as the lead for Owl City!
He has to be in this legacy at some point.

Aww :(

Rejection didn't put him off I see. But yay cheap furniture! We need this kind of thing right now.

Yowza. Let's just flirt with everyone

It's like Star Wars...good side of the force, or bad? *plays Imperial March*

...and I forgot to take a picture of it, but I finally found Pansy one of the five acceptable jobs! She's in the Medicine career :)

First day at work and promotion! Yusss we need the money.

And then I get Pansy fired :(

I'm sorry :(

Just when you're about to admire someone, they have to go and ruin it, don't they?

BITCH. You were going to make it in this legacy somehow, but you can forget it.
If anyone knocked over my trash for kicks, I know exactly where I'd tell them to go >.<

After the trash incident, Ti-Ning came over :D

Oh yeah, they fell in love and stuff but I forgot to take a picture.

A couple of days later, I managed to get Pansy her job back!

Thanks for sharing man

What kind of friend breaks your TV???

'Cos that'll totally fix it

Second time's the charm.

Aww no fair >:| Pansy doesn't even have good stuff

HOLY...her eyes! :S

You're just lucky she didn't get to steal anything!

Next day, Ti-Ning comes over to make it all better...

...and moves of all, with MONEY. Money to be used for their honeymoon :)

And I forgot to take a picture of his makeover. Oop.
I also opted for a different proposal this time...


Rules don't say how long the honeymoon has to be, so naturally I chose the cheapest option x)

Hooray! And that's the end of the first update :3
Oh yes and Ti-Ning's stats:
Aspiration: Knowledge
Personality: Sagittarius 2/3/9/7/4
Turn Ons: Creativity & Good at Cleaning
Turn Off: Black Hair

Apologies for the abrupt ending -  I was approaching 80 images when I set myself a limit of 60 per update. Ah well, keeps the suspense for the next update!
Hope you enjoyed it, more will come soon :)
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