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Hey hi hello :)
In an effort to default replace everything, I found no default for this teen outfit that suited my game. So, why not make my own? This here is a mash up of Teen Style Stuff's yoga outfit and Apartment Life's (and Freetime's) exercise outfit.

Box + Dropbox + Mediafire

Teens only at this stage, eight colours, athletic only, working fat morph, compressed and comes in two flavours: default and non-default! Default version replaces Teen Style Stuff's tfbodyyoga, so you need that for it to work (please note that the non-default version requires no expansion packs). Colours defaulted are as such:

Box + Dropbox + Mediafire

Feel free to default any other colours of your liking, I chose these specifically for personal use. Let me know if there are any issues; I'm currently under the weather (my uncle thinks I have pneumonia) so I could have messed up somewhere.

Enjoy, cheers :)

Becca/siminaiwen for putting up with my questions!