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Above picture without text.

These two sets of lipsticks are essentially blends of mouseyblue's Doll and Stained Lips and another lip. I tend to over use the Doll lips and any recolours of them, so I figured I'd blend those lips.

{Candles} is a blend between the Doll lips and a lip that I found here. Buckle recoloured the latter, but he/she doesn't know who the original is by, and neither do I ;P So, credit goes to the person who made those lips. This set is slightly darker and shinier than {College Kids}.
Title Reference.

{College Kids} is a blend between the Doll and Stained lips. I think I may have also blended in the lips Buckle recoloured, but I don't remember x) If you look from afar, they only have a slight difference between {Candles}. This was done on purpose, as I intended for this set to be similar and only slightly more matte as I couldn't decide between the two.
Title Reference.

Both lip sets come in the same colours:
Top row (L-R): Volatile, Incendiary, Crumble, Chocolate and Flammable
Bottom row (L-R): Raspberry, Pentolite, Powder Cake, Boysenberry and Orchid

Some of these colours are by Pooklet, and some are by aeliaa, although it may not look like it as the colours came out darker than they usually are. But if you ask me, it adds a nice effect :) Crumble and Chocolate are of my own making. Whilst there appears to be only slight differences in these pictures, the differences are more visible in Body Shop, CAS and in-game, so I would suggest choosing only one set :)
Both sets use an alpha also by mouseyblue and are tool-tipped accordingly. Files are compressed and labelled correctly, with the swatches included in each .rar.

Box + Dropbox + Mediafire

Box + Dropbox + Mediafire

Unknown (for the lips Buckle recoloured)

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Date: 2011-11-19 07:54 pm (UTC)
lovelyxwow: (☂alexia!first kisses)
From: [personal profile] lovelyxwow
Very nice! I'm loving both sets. Also, excellent title choice for Candles. <3 :)

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