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[community profile] junky inadvertantly introduced me to LapFox Trax and after gaining more favourite artists, I came across the lovely album artwork that they featured. The artwork is by Katie Murphy, at I've taken twenty of her images and placed them on the ever-so-lovely Grilled Cheese mesh. An EP is required, and I'm sure it's Nightlife. If not, feel free to let me know.


There are numbers on the swatch to indicate what painting is what. Katie didn't exactly name all of her artworks with nice names, some just came with ridiculous names like "uhjuj copy" or "asdhlsfj copy", so I went with the easier task and just named them from 1 - 20. The swatch is included in the download, so it should be easy to get rid of the ones you don't want.
Files are compressed and labelled correctly. And I should think that Nightlife is required. As I said above, if this is incorrect, please say so! :)

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Katie Murphy @ Squeedge