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This is a whole mess of recolours to go with the socialite living set from Apartment Life. Apartment Life is required.

These recolours are for the following meshes:
- Curvaceous Love Love Seat
- Eloquence Elongated Floor Lamp
- Eloquent Divinity Dining Chair
- Eloquent Divinity Living Chair
- Eloquent Touch Wall Lamp
- Riveting Rivets Sofa

The recolours for the love seat will automatically work for the three seat sofa, as the love seat and sofa share textures.
The same 16 colours are available for each item listed above; allowing for numerous matching capabilities! Or, non-matching, if you prefer :)

Snobbish Scents contains all the recolours for the chairs/sofas. Stylish Show Off contains all the recolours for the lamps.
Files are now compressed and labelled clearly. Items are also sub-foldered for convenience of choice. Swatches are also included.

Box + Dropbox + Mediafire

Please note: These colours are only darker in the swatch due to my use of the "off" texture of the lamps instead of "on". The "on" texture was just too bright to use.

Box + Dropbox + Mediafire